Infrared Heaters

Infrared Heaters in Fargo, North Dakota

Rely on the experienced professionals at Vacuum Express for quality vacuum cleaners, infrared heaters, and air purifiers in Fargo, North Dakota. Infrared heaters emit continuous heat and can save you up to 50% on your heating bills. Imagine heating up to 1000 square feet for just pennies a day. Other benefits include:

  •  Safe for Pets & Children
  •  Energy Efficient
  •  Portable & Runs on 1/10 Electricity
  •  Heats Only the Rooms That You Want
  •  Has an Electronic Thermostat
  • Pays for Itself with the Money That It Saves
  •  Does Not Remove the Humidity or Oxygen in the Room
  •  Provides Safe, Soft, Comfortable Heat That Cannot Cause a Fire
  •  Heats a Room Evenly without Harmful Radiation or Poisonous Carbon Monoxide
  •  No Production of Vaporized Impurities or Other Airborne Pollutants

The Smart, Economical Choice

An Infrared heater is a heater that uses radiant heat, heating the object, but not the air. They heat wall-to-wall and are used for supplementing heat in homes that have cold pockets. Infrared Heaters are sold with local sales tax and servicing and are available from makers such as BioSmart™, EdenPure™, and RedCore™.

How It Works

Infrared heaters heat the floor to the same temperature as the ceiling, producing clean, healthy, comfortable, heated air which gently flows into the living area. The heaters mix and stabilize heated air with the floor for balanced, even temperature distribution from floor to ceiling. The solid copper heat exchangers absorb heat from the powerful commercial infrared heating elements which then transfer the safe, soft heat into the room. A quite energy efficient fan recycles heated air through a micron filter for cleaner, fresher air.

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